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What do all successful people have in common?  They have an understanding of the importance of having a direction in their life.  Able to truly define their core purpose so that winning is absolute.  Roslyn has created this audio cd and workbook to give you essential principles to finding and unlocking your POWER Factor. These products are designed especially for you so that you are  Motivated, Mentored and Empowered to believe in yourself, your goals and your dreams.

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The 5 Proven Principles of Success are lessons learned that many of accomplished individuals know but seldom share. Based on her true life experiences, Roslyn Ridgeway gives you the 5 Proven Principles you need to reach your goals and be empowered.
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The 5 Proven Principles of Success:  What it Takes to Design the Life You Want and Get It! Workbook will help you reach your goals in 5 easy steps!  Order your copy NOW!

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