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Roslyn Ridgeway

About Roslyn Ridgeway

Roslyn Has Unlocked Her POWER Factor

As a national and international speaker, business owner and community leader, Roslyn speaks her mind and shares her unique perspective, giving people the advice they need to be empowered.  

As a successful business owner and national leader of several major organizations, Roslyn’s mission is to "Motivate, Mentor and Empower individuals to achieve their fullest personal and professional potential.”

As seen on C-SPAN and many national stages, Roslyn is undeniably one of the most inspiring and powerful speakers in the world today. 

Serving as a coach, mentor and a longtime advocate, Roslyn is ready to help millions tap into their undiscovered POWER and change the world.   

You can view Roslyn's Bio to learn about her career and notable honors!   Learn More About Roslyn Ridgeway

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